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We have an extensive collection of acrylic paintings for sale, oil paintings, poetry-paintings, and photo canvas prints.

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Our consultation and work space are ideal for designing your perfect work and/or home environment. Let us help you create your ultimate setting.

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The Bold Art Gallery St Augustine.

A perfect fit in St Augustine’s vibrant art community!

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The Bold Art Gallery is Located in the Heart of St. Augustine's Historic District.

The heart of the city of St. Augustine is here in the Historic Downtown area where guests will find a majority of the city’s restaurants, shops, museums, The BOLD Art Gallery, art galleries, trolley tours and a multitude of attractions. 

The BOLD Art Gallery is a member of AGOSA – Art Galleries of Saint Augustine and the Saint John’s County Chamber of Commerce. 

Brenda Basham Dothage

The Bold Art Gallery St Augustine's Featured Artist Brenda Basham Dothage.

“I gave myself the freedom to go with it and pursue my creative desires,” she said.


The Bold Art Gallery is the ultimate result of Brenda’s Strong desire to paint and create. In 2001, she did her very first painting around one of her poems – a form of art she calls Poetry-Painting. She didn’t paint again for almost a year. Then her art took off and she had her first solo exhibition in 2003 in California to rave reviews.

Several solo exhibitions followed and in 2018 she moved to St. Johns County in Florida. She is now the co-owner of The Bold Art Gallery in downtown St. Augustine.

Brenda has never taken an art class, which perhaps has left her art free of preconceived ideas. In fact, every work has a spontaneous quality that sprouts from her innate talent and approach.

“I think of things I’d like to do but ultimately I do better when I just let it happen,” she said.

There are approximately 75 pieces on display for purchase in our gallery, we have:

  • acrylic paintings
  • oil paintings
  • poetry-paintings
  • photo canvas prints

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Online Gallery Boutique

The BOLD Art Gallery offers an extensive collection in our Online Gallery Boutique. Browse our Online Gallery Boutique and make your selections.

We offer shipping or you may pick it up at the Gallery here in Saint Augustine.

Featuring work by Brenda Basham Dothage

Brenda Basham Dothage

Featured Work

Original Acrylic Abstract Framed

Original Acrylics

Brenda Basham Dothage’s acrylic paintings blend vivid colors and texture in abstract form. The colors are an individual interpretation of profuse insightful significance.

Original Abstract Oil Painting

Original Oils

The artwork is not a literal representation but rather a more complex illustration. Presenting the opportunity for profound individual understanding.

Poetry Painting

Original Poetry Paintings

Poetry Paintings are a unique combination of poetry blended with vivid colors and texture in an abstract form. Each creation brings multiple interpretations from the artist’s perspective. Each viewer will bring a variety of analyses. Thereby the ultimate effect becomes a phenomenal work of art.

Canvas Prints

Photographic Canvas Prints

A relatively new venture for Brenda she photographs her beautiful self-grown flower gardens as well as local area scenery.

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Brenda’s Acrylics, Oils, and Poetry-Paintings are available in framed and unframed prints, canvas prints, wood and metal prints in various sizes.

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Miscellaneous Accessories

Many of Brenda’s works can be ordered on pillows, stationary, phone cases, beach towels, blankets, t-shirts, mugs, home décor, face masks and More.

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Our COVID hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12pm-6pm.

The BOLD Art Gallery will be Open for the First Friday ArtWalk 5pm-9pm.

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