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Friday, August 8th, 2020 Brenda Basham Dothage and her husband Orville Dothage cut the ribbon for their new gallery located at 51 Cordova St., Suite C, Saint Augustine, FL.

It was a Grand Reopening Ceremony as their gallery was originally located next door in suite B and had initially opened on November 30th, 2018.

Representatives of the Saint John’s County Chamber of Commerce as well as a multitude of patrons were on hand for the Celebratory Event.

The new location offers extra space for art lovers and consumers to view and fully appreciate the diverse variety and assortment of stunning original works of art.

Orville Dothage and Brenda Basham Dothage are Co-Owners of The BOLD Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery

Ribbon Cutting
The Bold Art Gallery Exterior
The Bold Art Gallery Inside

The Artist

Brenda Basham Dothage

Brenda is an artist, author, photographer and Co-Owner of The BOLD Art Gallery.


The BOLD Art Gallery

The Bold Art Gallery is the ultimate result of Brenda’s Strong desire to paint and create. In 2001, she did her very first painting around one of her poems – a form of art she calls Poetry-Painting. She didn’t paint again for almost a year. Then her art took off and she had her first solo exhibition in 2003 in California to rave reviews.

Several solo exhibitions followed and in 2018 she moved to St. Johns County in Florida. She is now the co-owner of The Bold Art Gallery in downtown St. Augustine.

Brenda has never taken an art class, which perhaps has left her art free of preconceived ideas. In fact, every work has a spontaneous quality that sprouts from her innate talent and approach.

Brenda’s paintings blend vivid colors and texture in abstract form. The work is not a literal representation of the subject matter but rather a more complex illustration; the colors themselves convey profuse meaning.

There are approximately 75 pieces of original artwork on display for purchase in our gallery, we have:

  • acrylic paintings
  • oil paintings
  • poetry-paintings
  • photo canvas prints

The gallery also sells tote bags, shower curtains and mugs bearing images of Brenda’s works of art as well as copies of her book “Think your Life into Action”. “The methods in this book are proven to be extremely effective and will produce positive life-changing outcomes”.

Photography is a relatively new venture for Brenda. She discovered it a few years ago while photographing the flower gardens she planted and cultivated.

Her husband encouraged her to display her photographs many of which are canvas prints together with her paintings.

The Online Art Gallery Boutique has an even larger selection:

Original Acrylic, Oil, Poetry Paintings, and Photo Canvas prints, are all available at the online Gallery Boutique.

Orville Dothage and Brenda Basham Dothage, Husband and Wife are Co-Owners of The BOLD Art Gallery.

Orville has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). He is a Senior Manager in the Aerospace Industry in which he has been employed for 34 years. He serves as a Director on the Saint John’s County Chamber of Commerce and recently as a Director on the Board of Economic Development. Additionally, he serves as a Director on the First Coast Technical College Foundation Board of Directors and the Board of Directors for Saint John’s River State College.

The BOLD Art Gallery is a member of AGOSA – Art Galleries of Saint Augustine, the Saint John’s County Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Advisory Board for The Players Championship Boys and Girls Club of North East Florida (Saint Augustine).

Together Orville and Brenda share a strong sense of community and civic mindedness.


The Artist

Brenda Basham Dothage

Brenda is an artist, author, photographer and Co-Owner of The BOLD Art Gallery.

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We have an extensive collection of acrylic paintings for sale, oil paintings, poetry-paintings, and photo canvas prints.

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